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Filteration is unique process involved in all the three states of matter i.e. Solids , Liquids and Gases. Filters help to separate the phases in to each individual phase making it pure for further processing.  Thus the filters can be for Liquid –Liquid , Liquid –Solid , Liquid –Gas separation.

This particular characteristic of any filteration product / systems finds applications in different types and segment of industry VIZ  Monomer , Polymer Melt , Oil and Gas , Compressed Air , Water , Fuel oils , Chemicals and Fertilisers , Bulk Drugs etc..

Designing a filteration system involves indepth analysis of process and fluid flow under consideration . Key elements in designing include the Viscosity , Temperatures and Pressure of the flowing fluid through the filter media rating. . Equally important are the MOC and filteration rating . Quality of the filtered fluid and the particle size distribution of the incoming fluid are key parameters  in selecting the filter media.

A well designed and manufactured filteration system or elements not only help to have an uninterrupted process , but also the best product quality at optimised filteration cost

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